Booth, John 1584-1659, of Twemlowe, genealogist of Cheshire, was descended from an old family in that county, his father being John Booth of Twemlowe, and his mother, Isabella, daughter of Richard Lowndes of Smallwood. He was born in July 1584. Succeeding to the property on the death of his father, he occupied his leisure in genealogical researches into Cheshire pedigrees, those in the later generations being compiled from the visitations of 1568, 1580, and 1613, and the earlier ones from charters and similar documents. As a genealogist he was supposed to be inferior only to Sir Peter Leycester, who frequently acknowledges indebtedness to his labours. The original copy of his pedigrees is still preserved at Twemlowe Hall, and besides several copies in the possession of private persons, there is one in the Heralds' College. He died unmarried, and was buried at Goosetrey, 25 Nov. 1659.

     Ormerod's Cheshire (ed. Helsby), i. lxxxix, iii. 137.

Contributor: T. F. H. [Thomas Finlayson Henderson]

Published: 1885