Constantine III d. 997, was son of Colin, king of Scotland. He succeeded after the murder of Kenneth II, son of Malcolm I, at Fettercairn, in 995, but his short reign of two years, when he was himself slain by another Kenneth, perhaps an illegitimate son of Malcolm I, has left no event on record. The place of his death is said to have been Rathinver Almond, but whether the Perthshire Almond (Chronicles of the Picts and Scots, pp. 175-289) or the Almond in West Lothian (Fordun, Chronicle, ii. 168) is uncertain. He was succeeded by Kenneth, son of Dubh, and grandson of Malcolm I.

     Robertson's and Skene's Histories.

Contributor: . M. [Aeneas James George Mackay]

Published: 1887