Blake, Sir Francis 1738?-1818, second baronet, political writer, was the eldest surviving son of Sir Francis, the first baronet [qv.], by Isabel, his wife, second daughter and coheiress of Mr. Samuel Ayton of West Herrington, Durham. He was educated at Westminster, whence he removed to Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and proceeded Bachelor of Law in 1763. He died at Twisell Castle 2 June 1818, at the age of 81. He wrote: 1. The Efficacy of a Sinking Fund of One Million per annum considered, 8vo, 1786. 2. The Propriety of an Actual Payment of the Public Debt considered, 8vo, 1786. 3. The True Policy of Great Britain considered, 8vo, 1787. These, with other pieces, were republished collectively under the title of Political Tracts, 8vo, Berwick, 1788, and again at London in 1795. His eldest son and successor, Francis, represented Berwick in several parliaments. He published some severe criticisms on the action of the House of Lords in regard to the corn laws, and died 10 Sept. 1860, aged 85.

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Contributor: G. G. [Gordon Goodwin]

Published: 1885