Bruce, Robert de V d. 1245, son of William de Bruce, married Isabel, second daughter of David, earl of Huntingdon, younger brother of William the Lion, and thus founded the claim of his descendants to the crown. In 1215-16 he obtained from King John a confirmation of a grant of a market and fair at Hartlepool. He was a witness at York in 1221 of Alexander II's charter of jointure to his wife Joanna, sister of Henry III. During this reign his own great estate and royal connection by marriage made the lord of Annandale one of the chief barons of southern Scotland. Like his ancestors he was liberal to the church, confirming and increasing their grants. He died in 1245, and was buried at the abbey of Saltrey in Huntingdonshire.

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Contributor: . M. [Aeneas James George Mackay]

Published: 1886