George Howard Olsson1

M, #163893, b. 16 June 1926
Last Edited=4 Aug 2011
     George Howard Olsson was born on 16 June 1926 at Stanmore, Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaG.1 He is the son of Oscar Bruce Olsson and Ida Ethelyne Evans.2
     George Howard Olsson also went by the nick-name of Jim.1


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Gianantonio Bertoli1

M, #163896, b. 1956
Last Edited=29 Sep 2005
     Gianantonio Bertoli was born in 1956.1 He married Argenta Campello dei conti di Campello, daughter of Conde Ranieri di Campello y Boncompagni-Ludovisi and Maria Sole Agnelli, in 1978.1

Children of Gianantonio Bertoli and Argenta Campello dei conti di Campello


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