Daniel Cornelis de Beaufort, a French refugee (1700-1788), who became pastor of the Huguenot church in Spitalfields in 1728, and of that in Parliament Street, Bishopsgate, in 1729; entered the church of England in 1731; married Esther Gougeon in London, 11 June 1738, and was rector of East Barnet from 1739 to 1743. Going to Ireland with the viceroy Lord Harrington, the father became rector of Navan in 1747, was provost of Tuam from 1753 to 1758, was rector of Clonenagh from 1758 until his death thirty years later, and published in English, in 1788, A Short Account of the Doctrines and Practices of the Church of Rome, divested of all Controversy. His brother, Louis de Beaufort, published (in 1738) a work on the uncertainty of Roman history, supposed to have given some suggestions to Niebuhr.

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      A. G-n. [Alfred Goodwin]

Published 1885