James Alfred Macleod Brodribb1

M, #606181, b. 3 September 1926, d. 4 November 1985
Last Edited=4 Jan 2013
     James Alfred Macleod Brodribb was born on 3 September 1926.1 He was the son of Keith Alfred Brodribb and Laura Bright Macleod.1 He married Lila Judith Reed on 11 February 1950 at Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.1 He died on 4 November 1985 at age 59.1


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Constance Willoughby Thornton Smith1

F, #606182
Last Edited=9 Dec 2012
     Constance Willoughby Thornton Smith married Benjamin Barham Griffiths.1
     Her married name became Griffiths.1

Child of Constance Willoughby Thornton Smith and Benjamin Barham Griffiths


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