Andrea Gräfin von Piatti

F, #44991, b. 3 February 1949
Last Edited=29 Aug 2004
Consanguinity Index=0.01%
     Andrea Gräfin von Piatti was born on 3 February 1949 at Vienna, AustriaG. She is the daughter of Manfred Graf und Markgraf von Piatti and Mechthildis Maria Irene Fidelis Gräfin von Habsburg-Lothringen. She married Michael Weissel in 1978 at Loosdorf, AustriaG.
     Her married name became Weissel.

Child of Andrea Gräfin von Piatti and Michael Weissel

Michael Weissel

M, #44992, b. 28 August 1946
Last Edited=18 Sep 2002

Child of Michael Weissel and Andrea Gräfin von Piatti

Nikolaus Weissel

M, #44993, b. 12 December 1982
Last Edited=10 May 2003
     Nikolaus Weissel was born on 12 December 1982 at Vienna, AustriaG. He is the son of Michael Weissel and Andrea Gräfin von Piatti.

Matthew Chapman

M, #44994, b. 24 July 1994
Last Edited=10 May 2003
     Matthew Chapman was born on 24 July 1994 at London, EnglandG. He is the son of Hugo Chapman and Isabella Lodi-Fé.

Carrie Anne Thornley

F, #44995
Last Edited=18 Sep 2002
     Carrie Anne Thornley married Gregory Peter de Bourbon, son of Gaetan de Bourbon, Principe di Borbone delle Due Sicilie and Olivia Yarrow, on 30 August 1986.
     Her married name became de Bourbon.

Elizabeth Butler1

F, #44996
Last Edited=13 Apr 2008
     Elizabeth Butler married James Attlee, son of Richard Attlee and Harriet Cheesman.1
     Her married name became Attlee.1

Children of Elizabeth Butler and James Attlee


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Linda Idensohn

F, #44997, b. 3 February 1950
Last Edited=18 Sep 2002
     Linda Idensohn was born on 3 February 1950.

Children of Linda Idensohn and Adrian Philip de Bourbon

Michelle de Bourbon

F, #44998, b. 12 February 1979
Last Edited=4 Jan 2014
     Michelle de Bourbon was born on 12 February 1979 at Harare, ZimbabweG.1 She is the daughter of Adrian Philip de Bourbon and Linda Idensohn. She married James T. D. Moss-Gibbons, son of David Moss-Gibbons, in 2009.1
     From 2009, her married name became Moss-Gibbons.1

Children of Michelle de Bourbon and James T. D. Moss-Gibbons


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Oliver Chapman

M, #44999, b. 13 October 1992
Last Edited=10 May 2003
     Oliver Chapman was born on 13 October 1992 at Rome, ItalyG. He is the son of Hugo Chapman and Isabella Lodi-Fé.

Vittoria Guerrieri

F, #45000, b. 1901, d. 1970
Last Edited=31 Oct 2008
     Vittoria Guerrieri was born in 1901 at Turin, ItalyG. She was the daughter of Gastone Guerrieri, Conte di Mirafiori e Fontanafredda and Margherita Boasso. She married Melchior Gromis, Marchese di Trana in 1925 at SommarivaG. She died in 1970 at Turin, ItalyG.
     Her married name became Gromis.