Mandela Thomas Young1

M, #58991, b. 25 September 2008
Last Edited=16 Sep 2014
     Mandela Thomas Young was born on 25 September 2008.1 He is the son of Josephine Moira Young.1


  1. [S7262] Josie Young, "re: Young Family," e-mail message to Darryl Roger LUNDY (101053), 16 September 2014. Hereinafter cited as "re: Young Family."

James Brandon1

M, #58992
Last Edited=7 Nov 2004
     James Brandon lived at Dundalk, County Louth, IrelandG.1

Children of James Brandon


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Benedikt Peter Ferch

M, #58993, b. 2 March 1993
Last Edited=10 May 2003
     Benedikt Peter Ferch was born on 2 March 1993 at Salzburg, AustriaG. He is the son of Christian Ferch and Alexandra Maria Freiin von Holzhausen.

Katarzyna Marta Wojkowska

F, #58994
Last Edited=18 Sep 2002
     Katarzyna Marta Wojkowska married Anton Dominic Sandhofer, son of Dr. Friederich Josef Sandhofer and Elisabeth Erzherzogin von Österreich, on 29 May 1983.
     Her married name became Sandhofer.

Child of Katarzyna Marta Wojkowska and Anton Dominic Sandhofer

Dominik Sandhofer

M, #58995, b. 7 January 1994
Last Edited=10 May 2003
     Dominik Sandhofer was born on 7 January 1994. He is the son of Anton Dominic Sandhofer and Katarzyna Marta Wojkowska.

Eugenio Ereñú y Orlandis

M, #58996, b. 20 May 1959
Last Edited=27 May 2006
     Eugenio Ereñú y Orlandis was born on 20 May 1959 at Buenos Aires, ArgentinaG. He is the son of Juan Ereñú y Ferreira and Blanca Maria Orlandis y Habsburgo. He married Ceferina Fernández González, daughter of Ceferino Fernández and Luzdivinia González, on 18 May 2006.1


  1. [S1748] Eugenio Ereñú, "re: Ereñú Family," e-mail message to Darryl Roger Lundy, 26 May 2006 and 30 July 2007. Hereinafter cited as "re: Ereñú Family."

Joaquin Zaforesta y Rossino

M, #58997, b. 20 August 1930
Last Edited=12 Dec 2002

Filippo Folchi

M, #58998
Last Edited=2 Nov 2004

Children of Filippo Folchi and Elvira de Borbón

Georges de Bourbon

M, #58999, b. before 1904
Last Edited=15 Oct 2016
     Georges de Bourbon was born before 1904. He is the son of Filippo Folchi and Elvira de Borbón.
     He fought in the Italo-Greek War.

Child of Georges de Bourbon

Colin Black1

M, #59000
Last Edited=31 Dec 2003
     Colin Black was registered as a Mechanical Engineer (M.E.)2 He was registered as a Civil Engineer (C.E.)2 He lived at Victoria, British Columbia, CanadaG.1

Child of Colin Black


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