Princess Zein bint Hussein1

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     Princess Zein bint Hussein is the daughter of King Hussein of Jordan and Antoinette Gardiner.1


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Queen Alia Al-Hussein1

F, #728092, d. 1977
Last Edited=16 Jul 2020
     Queen Alia Al-Hussein married King Hussein of Jordan, son of King Talal of Jordan, in 1972.1 She died in 1977 at Jordan, killed in a helicopter crash.1


  1. [S206] Announcements, The Daily Mail, London, U.K.. Hereinafter cited as The Daily Mail.

Gillian Muriel Elwes1

F, #728093, b. 1937, d. 5 July 2020
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     Gillian Muriel Elwes was born in 1937.1 She was the daughter of Major John Hargreaves Elwes and Isabel Pamela Ivy Beckwith.1 She died on 5 July 2020 at Victoria, Australia.1


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Sarah Hallinan

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     Sarah Hallinan is the daughter of James Hallinan. She married Sir William Muston Need Young, 3rd Bt., son of Thomas Young and Mary J. Duncan Muston, on 27 September 1932.1
     From 27 September 1932, her married name became Young.


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James Hallinan

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Child of James Hallinan

Sir Leonard Williams, 5th Bt.

M, #728096, d. 1758
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     Sir Leonard Williams, 5th Bt. was the son of Thomas Williams. He died in 1758.
     He succeeded as the 5th Baronet Williams, of Llangibby, co. Monmouth [E., 1642]. On his death, his baronetcy became extinct.

Caroline Marsh

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     Caroline Marsh is the daughter of Samuel Marsh. She married William Addams-Williams, son of William Addams and Ellen Williams.
     Her married name became Addams-Williams.

Children of Caroline Marsh and William Addams-Williams

Samuel Marsh

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     Samuel Marsh lived at Bellemont, Uxbridge, London, England.

Child of Samuel Marsh

Anna Louisa Nicholl1

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     Anna Louisa Nicholl is the daughter of Reverend Iltyd Nicholl.1 She married William Addams-Williams, son of William Addams-Williams and Caroline Marsh, on 17 August 1818.1
     From 17 August 1818, her married name became Addams-Williams.1

Child of Anna Louisa Nicholl and William Addams-Williams


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Thomas James Lake1

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     Thomas James Lake married Florence Emily Schonberg.1

Child of Thomas James Lake and Florence Emily Schonberg


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