Julian Russell Sturgis

M, #32451, b. 21 October 1848, d. 13 April 1904
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Julian Sturgis 1
     Julian Russell Sturgis was born on 21 October 1848 at Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.2 He was the son of Russell Sturgis and Juliet Overing Boit.2,1 He married Mary Maude Beresford, daughter of Colonel Marcus Wylly de la Poer Beresford and Charlotte Blakeney, on 8 November 1883. He died on 13 April 1904 at age 55.
     He was educated at Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England.3 He was educated at Balliol College, Oxford University, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England.3 He was a novelist.3

Child of Julian Russell Sturgis and Mary Maude Beresford


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John Hill de la Poer Beresford

M, #32452, b. 15 May 1832, d. 3 August 1863
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     John Hill de la Poer Beresford was born on 15 May 1832. He was the son of John Beresford and Harriet Eliza Wylly. He married Emma Macleod, daughter of Alexander Macleod, on 26 March 1859. He died on 3 August 1863 at age 31.

Emma Macleod

F, #32453
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     Emma Macleod was the daughter of Alexander Macleod. She married John Hill de la Poer Beresford, son of John Beresford and Harriet Eliza Wylly, on 26 March 1859.
     Her married name became Beresford.

Alexander Macleod

M, #32454
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Child of Alexander Macleod

Captain Henry Clements Beresford

M, #32455, b. 1835, d. 19 September 1865
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     Captain Henry Clements Beresford was born in 1835. He was the son of John Beresford and Harriet Eliza Wylly. He married Matilda Hincks, daughter of Sir Francis Hincks, on 23 June 1857. He died on 19 September 1865, accidentally drowned.

Matilda Hincks

F, #32456, d. 1 January 1884
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     Matilda Hincks was the daughter of Sir Francis Hincks. She married Captain Henry Clements Beresford, son of John Beresford and Harriet Eliza Wylly, on 23 June 1857. She died on 1 January 1884.
     Her married name became Beresford.

Sir Francis Hincks

M, #32457
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     Sir Francis Hincks held the office of Governor of the Windward Isles.

Child of Sir Francis Hincks

Mary Bayley Beresford

F, #32458, d. 4 June 1909
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     Mary Bayley Beresford was the daughter of John Beresford and Harriet Eliza Wylly. She married Colonel Shadwell Henry Clerke on 29 April 1862. She died on 4 June 1909.
     Her married name became Clerke.

Colonel Shadwell Henry Clerke

M, #32459, d. 1891
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     Colonel Shadwell Henry Clerke married Mary Bayley Beresford, daughter of John Beresford and Harriet Eliza Wylly, on 29 April 1862. He died in 1891.

Catherine Harrison1

F, #32460, d. 11 January 1824
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     Catherine Harrison was the daughter of William Harrison.1 She married John Hadden Askwith, son of William Askwith and Jane Handley, on 15 October 1810.1 She died on 11 January 1824.2
     From 15 October 1810, her married name became Askwith.1

Child of Catherine Harrison and John Hadden Askwith


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