Battle of Alma
Abercromby, Robert ( 20 Sep 1854 )
    Acton, William Molesworth Cole ( 20 Sep 1854 )
    Airey, Richard, 1st and last Baron Airey ( Sep 1854 ), where he commanded a brigade
    Aldworth, Richard William ( 1854 )
    Annesley, Hugh, 5th Earl Annesley ( 1854 )
Anstruther, Henry ( 20 Sep 1854 )
    Baring, Charles ( 1854 ), where he lost an arm
    Blakeney, Henry
    Boothby, Basil Charles, where he was seriously wounded, and his leg amputated
    Burgoyne, John Montagu, 10th Bt.
    Gipps, Reginald Ramsay, where he was bayoneted in the hand
    Hanover, George William Frederick Charles, 2nd Duke of Cambridge ( 1854 )
Hare, Charles Luke ( 22 Sep 1854 )
    Hare, William, 3rd Earl of Listowel
Monck, William ( 20 Sep 1854 )
Montagu, Francis Dupré ( 20 Sep 1854 )
    Paget, George Augustus Frederick
    Scarlett, William Frederick, 3rd Baron Abinger
    Spencer, Augustus Almeric ( Sep 1854 ), commanding the 44th Regiment
    Count equals 19 individuals.

Battle of Balaclava
    Airey, Richard, 1st and last Baron Airey, where he commanded a brigade
    Amherst, William Archer, 3rd Earl Amherst of Arracan
    Brudenell, James Thomas, 7th Earl of Cardigan ( 1854 ), where he commanded a Cavalry Brigade, and lead the Charge of the Light Brigade
FitzGibbon, John Charles Henry, Viscount FitzGibbon
    Hanover, George William Frederick Charles, 2nd Duke of Cambridge ( 1854 )
Neville, Grey ( 25 Oct 1854 )
    Paget, George Augustus Frederick
    Phillips, Edward
    Portal, Robert ( 25 Oct 1854 ), and was in the Charge of the Light Brigade
    Scarlett, William Frederick, 3rd Baron Abinger
    Count equals 10 individuals.

Battle of Inkerman
    Acton, William Molesworth Cole ( 5 Nov 1854 )
    Airey, Richard, 1st and last Baron Airey ( 5 Nov 1854 ), where he commanded a brigade
    Amherst, William Archer, 3rd Earl Amherst of Arracan ( 5 Nov 1854 ), where he was severely wounded
    Bland, James Franklin ( 5 Nov 1854 )
Cathcart, George ( 5 Nov 1854 )
    Crofton, Hugh Denis, where he was severely
Dawson, Thomas Vesey ( 5 Nov 1854 )
Eliot, Granville Charles Cornwallis ( 5 Nov 1854 )
Fox-Strangways, Thomas ( 5 Nov 1854 )
    Gipps, Reginald Ramsay, where he was wounded in the neck
    Hanover, George William Frederick Charles, 2nd Duke of Cambridge ( 1854 )
Neville, Henry Aldworth ( 5 Nov 1854 )
    Scarlett, William Frederick, 3rd Baron Abinger ( 5 Nov 1854 )
Seymour, Charles Francis ( 5 Nov 1854 )
    Spencer, Augustus Almeric ( 5 Nov 1854 ), commanding the 44th Regiment
Twysden, Heneage Thomas ( 9 Nov 1855 )
    Yelverton, William Charles, 4th Viscount Avonmore ( 5 Nov 1854 )
    Count equals 17 individuals.

Battle of Inkermann
    Shirley, Horatio
    Count equals 1 individual.

Battle of the Alma
    Crofton, Hugh Denis
    Shirley, Horatio
    Count equals 2 individuals.

Capture of Sebastopol
    Lushington, Stephen, as commander of a naval brigade on shore
    Count equals 1 individual.

Charge of the Light Brigade
Charteris, Walter ( 25 Oct 1854 )
Lockwood, George ( 25 Oct 1854 )
Shoppee, Leonard ( 25 Oct 1854 )
    Count equals 3 individuals.

Crimea War
    Byron, John ( 1854 ), where he was taken prisoner by the Russians at Sebastopol
Cobbe, Henry Clermont
    Greer, Henry Harpur
    Hall, Henry Edward
    Prevost, Charles, 3rd Bt., he was wounded and received a medal and clasp and Turkish medal
    Smyth, Leicester
    Count equals 6 individuals.

Crimean War
    Acton, William Molesworth Cole
    Adye, John Miller ( 1854 ), inclduing Alma, Balaclava, Inkerman and Sebastopol
Agar, Charles Welbore Herbert
    Alexander, Claud, of Ballochmyle, 1st Bt.
    Arbuthnot, Charles George, where he was severely wounded
    Armstrong, William Andrew
    Aylmer, Fenton John
    Baird, David, of Newbyth, 3rd Bt., where he was on the staff of Sir Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde
    Barry, Daniel Paterson
    Bentinck, Henry John William ( 1854 )
    Bingham, Charles George, 4th Earl of Lucan, as an Aide-de-Camp to his father
    Bingham, George Charles, 3rd Earl of Lucan ( 1854 ), where he commanded the cavalry
    Blackett, Edward William, 7th Bt. ( 1854-1855 ), and was seriously wounded at the Redan
    Blakeney, Henry, on the staff of Lord Raglan
Blakiston, Lawrence
Bland, James Franklin
    Bonham, Major Francis ( 1854 ), (present at the siege of Sebastopol and on an expedition to Kertch and Yeinkali)
    Booth, William ( 1855 ), with the Royal Horse Artillery
    Bourke, John Jocelyn, with the 88th Connaught Rangers
    Brereton, William ( 1854 ), where he directed the firing of rockets on Sebastopol
    Brinckman, Theodore Henry, 2nd Bt. ( 1854-1855 )
    Bromhead, Edward
    Browne, James Frankfort Manners ( 1855 )
    Bruce, Robert
Buckley, Duncombe Frederick
    Bucknall-Estcourt, James Bucknall
    Buller, George
    Burgh, Ulick Canning, Lord Dunkellin ( Oct 1854 ), where he became a prisoner at Sebastopol
    Burke, James Thomas
    Burke, John Hardiman
    Burke, Theobald Hubert, 13th Bt.
    Burrard, Sidney
    Butler, Henry ( 1854-1855 ), where he was mentioned in despatches
    Butler, James Armar
    Butler, Somerset Arthur, 5th Earl of Carrick
    Butler, Thomas Pierce, 10th Bt. ( 1854-1855 )
    Cairnes, William Henry, retired owing to ill-health
    Cameron, Duncan Alexander
    Campbell, Archibald, 1st Baron Blythswood ( 1855 ), where he was severely wounded
    Campbell, Colin, 1st and last Baron Clyde of Clydesdale ( 1854 )
    Campbell, Duncan, 5th of South Hall
    Campbell, John William, of Airds ( 1854-1855 )
    Campbell, William Pitcairn
    Carden, Henry Robert
    Carmichael, George Lynedoch
Carter, John Henry Stockmar
    Cathcart, Augustus Murray
    Cathcart, George
    Caulfeild, James Alfred, 7th Viscount Charlemont
    Chatfield, Alfred John, in the Black Sea
    Chetwode, George, 6th Bt.
    Clarke, Marshal Banner
    Clay, George, 3rd Bt.
    Clifford, Henry Hugh, V.C.
    Cockburn, Edward Cludde, of that Ilk, 8th Bt.
    Codrington, William John ( 1855 )
    Coke, Wenman Clarence Walpole
    Colville, William James
    Commerell, John Edmund, V.C.
Conolly, Arthur Wellesley
    Conolly, John Augustus, V.C.
    Conyers, Robert Rowland
    Cooch, unknown
    Cooper, Henry Fallowfield
    Cooper, James Sisson
    Courcy, John Fitzroy, 24th Lord Kingsale
    Cumberland, Charles Edward ( 1855-1856 )
    Cunynghame, Arthur Augustus Thurlow
    Curzon, William Henry
    Dalrymple-Hay, John Charles, of Park Place, 3rd Bt. ( 1855-1856 ), as captain of H.M.S. Hannibal
Dalton, Thomas Norcliffe
    Daly, Charles Anthony
    Darby-Griffith, Henry
Dawson, George Frederick ( 1855 )
    Delmege, Collis Christopher John, on staff
    Dewar, James William ( 1854-1855 ), present at Alma, Inkerman and Sebastapol (where he was one of the Town Majors)
    Dickson, Collingwood, V.C. ( 1854-1855 )
    Dormer, John Baptist Joseph, 12th Baron Dormer of Wyng
Drummond, Hugh Fitzhardinge
    Dundas, Lorenzo George
    Dyer, Frederick Carr Swinnerton
    Dyer, Henry Clement Swinnerton
    Dyer, Swinnerton Halliday, 10th Bt.
    Earle, William
Egerton, Thomas Graham
    Elmhirst, Charles
    Elphinstone, Howard Crauford, V.C.
    Esmonde, Thomas, V.C.
Every, Edward
    Every, Oswald William
    Eyre, Philip Homan
    Fane, Francis William Henry, 12th Earl of Westmorland
    Feilding, Percy Robert Basil
    Ferguson Davie, John Davie, 2nd Bt. ( 1855 )
    Fergusson, James, of Kilkerran, 6th Bt. ( 1854-1855 ), with the Grenadier Guards and was wounded
    Fisher, John Arbuthnot, 1st Baron Fisher ( 1854 )
Fitz-Clarence, Edward
    FitzRoy, Augustus Charles Lennox, 7th Duke of Grafton, where he was severely wounded
    FitzRoy, Cavendish Charles
Fitzroy, Augustus Charles Lennox
    Fletcher, Archibald Douglas William
    Floyd, John, 3rd Bt.
    Forbes, James Arthur ( 1854-1856 ), Baltic Campaign
    Fraser, Alexander Edward
    Fremantle, Charles Howe ( 1855 )
    Fremantle, Fitzroy William ( 1855 ), where he was wounded at the Redan
    Gascoyne-Cecil, Eustace Brownlow Henry ( 1855-1856 )
    Glyn, John Plumptre Carr
    Glyn, Julius Richard
    Glyn, Richard George, 3rd Bt.
    Gordon, William Elrington, in the Baltic
    Gordon, William, 6th Bt.
    Graham, Reginald Henry, 8th Bt.
    Gregorie, Charles Frederick
    Hall, Julian Hamilton
    Hamilton, Thomas de Courcy, V.C. ( 1855 )
    Hardinge, Henry
    Hart Dyke, Percyvall
    Haughton, William ( 1854-1855 ), as a surgeon, including the Battle of Inkerman and Siege of Sebastopol
    Hawkins, Alexander Cćsar
    Hay, Arthur, 9th Marquess of Tweeddale
    Hay, John
    Hay, William Harry, 19th Earl of Erroll
Hay-Drummond, Robert, of Cromlix ( 1855 )
    Hazlerigg, Arthur Grey
Hood, Francis Grosvenor
    Hope, John Edward
    Hope, William, of Craighall, 14th Bt., with 71st Highlanders
    Hore-Ruthven, Walter James, 9th Lord Ruthven of Freeland
    Hornby, William Henry, 1st Bt. ( 1855 )
    Hort, John Josiah, 3rd Bt.
    Hotham, John, 5th Baron Hotham of South Dalton ( 1854-1856 )
Hunter Blair, James ( 1854 )
Hurt, Francis Richard
    Hutchinson Synge, Edward, 4th Bt.
    Irby, Leonard Howard Loyd
    Jocelyn, John Strange, 5th Earl of Roden
    Johnson, Edward Colpoys
    Johnson, William Frederic
    Johnstone, John Douglas
    Johnstone, John Douglas, where he lost an arm in the first attack on the Redan, 18 June 1855
    Jolliffe, Hedworth Hylton, 2nd Baron Hylton of Hylton, at Alma and Inkerman and at the charge of the Light Brigade Balaclava
    Jolliffe, Hylton
    Jones, Harry David, Commanding Engineer at the Siege of Sebastopol
    Keith-Falconer, Charles James ( 1854-1856 )
    Kent, Henry
    Kerr, Walter Talbot ( 1854-1855 )
    Kingscote, Fitzhardinge, losing his right hand at the storming of the Grand Redan
    Kingscote, Robert Nigel Fitzhardinge, as Aide-de-Camp to Field Marshal Lord Raglan, his great-uncle
    Kinloch, Alexander, of Gilmerton, 10th Bt.
    Knatchbull, Francis ( 1854-1855 )
    Knatchbull, Norton ( 1854 )
    Knight, Charles Ernest
    Knollys, William Wallingford
    Lake, Henry Atwell, distinguished at the Siege of Kars
    Law, Francis Towry Adeane
    Law, Frederick Charles, in the Black Sea and Baltic Sea
Layard, Arthur John
    Legh, Edmund Cornwall
    Lennox, Wilbraham Oates, V.C. ( 1854-1856 )
    Lindsay, Coutts, 2nd Bt.
    Lindsay, Henry Gore ( 1855 )
    Lindsay-Loyd, Robert James, 1st and last Baron Wantage of Lockinge
    Long, Edward Morton, where he was wounded
    Luard, Richard George Amherst
Lyons, Edmund Mowbray
    Lyons, Edmund, 1st Baron Lyons ( 1855 ), in command of the Mediterranean Fleet
    Mackinnon, Daniel Roger Lionel
    Macpherson, John Cameron
    Marshall, Frederick ( 1855 )
    Massy, Charles Henry
    Massy, William Godfrey Dunham ( 1855 ), where he was dangerously wounded at the Redan, and was mentioned in despatches
    Maude, Frederick Francis, V.C., where he was wounded
    Maude, George Ashley, and was severely wounded at the Battle of Balaclava
    Maule-Ramsay, Lauderdale
Maunsell, Edward Beauchamp
    Maunsell, Samuel, with the Royal Navy
    Maunsell, Thomas ( 1854-1855 ), where he was severely wounded
    Maxse, Henry FitzHardinge Berkeley
    Maxwell, James Pierce, 9th Baron Farnham, where he was severely wounded
    McKinnon, David Reid
    McMahon, Thomas Westropp, 3rd Bt.
    Meade, Richard James, 4th Earl of Clanwilliam ( 1854-1855 ), serving on the Baltic
    Montagu Douglas Scott, Charles Thomas ( 1854-1856 )
Montagu, Charles E. H., Baltic Campaign
    Montagu, Henry, 6th Baron Rokeby ( 1854 )
    Montagu, Horace William
Montgomery, Hugh
    Montgomery-Cuninghame, William James, of Corsehill, 9th Bt.
    Morgan, Godfrey Charles, 1st and last Viscount Tredegar
    Murray, James Charles Plantagenet
    Norcott, William Sherbrooke Ramsey
    Nugent, William St. George, 10th Earl of Westmeath
    O'Connell, Morgan James
Owen, William
Pakenham, Edward William
    Pakenham, Thomas Henry ( 1854 )
    Pakenham, William Lygon, 4th Earl of Longford, as Adjutant-General
    Palliser, Edward Mathew
    Palmer, Herrick Augustus
    Palmer, Thomas
    Parnell, Henry, 4th Baron Congleton, after the fall of Sebastopol
    Paston-Cooper, Astley Paston, 3rd Bt.
    Pellew, Barrington Reynolds, Siege of Sebastopol
    Pennington, Josslyn Francis, 5th Baron Muncaster
    Perceval, Ernest Augustus
    Percy, Henry Hugh Manvers, V.C.
    Persse, Dudley, and was severely wounded at the Alma
    Persse, Walter Blakeney
    Pigott, Charles Robert, 3rd Bt., he was severely wounded and received a medal and clasp
    Ponsonby, Henry Frederick
    Poore, Robert ( 1855 )
    Portal, Robert
    Prevost, George Phipps, he received a medal and clasp and Turkish medal
    Ramsay-Fairfax, William George Herbert Taylor, 2nd Bt.
    Ramsden, Frederick Henry
    Ramsden, John Charles Francis
    Rose, Hugh Henry, 1st and last Baron Strathnairn of Strathnairn ( 1854 ), as Queen's Commissioner to the HQ of the French forces
Rowley, Albert Evelyn
Ryder, Henry Stuart
    Sackville-West, Charles Richard, 6th Earl De La Warr ( 1855 )
    Scarlett, James Yorke
    Scarlett, William Frederick, 3rd Baron Abinger ( 1854-1856 )
    Seymour, Edward Hobart ( 1854-1855 ), in the Black Sea
    Seymour, William Frederick Ernest ( 1856 )
    Skene, John George
    Slade, Herbert Dawson ( 1855 ), including the Battle of the Tchernaya and the siege of Sebastopol
    Slingsby, Thomas, where he was the original bearer of the message to the Light Brigade which was snatched from him by the overzealous Captain Nolan and relayed by the latter in garbled form, with the well-known disastr
    Smijth-Windham, George
Smith, Henry
Somerville, Reginald Hugh
    Spence, Samuel
    Spring, Thomas Arthur Cavendish
    St. John, John Henry
Stanley, Edward
    Stewart, Randolph Henry, 11th Earl of Galloway
    Sykes, Henry, 6th Bt.
    Thackwell, Joseph Edwin ( 1854-1856 )
    Thesiger, Frederick Augustus, 2nd Baron Chelmsford of Chelmsford ( 1854 )
    Townsend, Samuel Philip, present at Sebastopol
    Turner, Henry Whichcote
    Ussher, Edward Fellew Hammett ( 1854-1855 ), with the Baltic Fleet
    Vansittart, Coleraine Robert
    Vansittart, Nicholas ( 1855 )
    Venables, Cavendish, wounded at Inkerman
    Verney, Edmund Hope, 3rd Bt. ( 1854-1855 )
Walbanke-Childers, Spencer
Waldegrave, William Frederick, Viscount Chewton
    Ward, Bernard Matthew
    Warde, Edward Charles, where he commanded the British seige train at Sebastopol
    Wavell, Arthur Henry ( 1855-1856 )
    Wellesley, William Henry, 2nd Earl Cowley
    White, Henry Dalrymple ( 1854-1856 )
    Wolseley, Garnet Joseph, 1st Viscount Wolseley ( 1854-1856 )
    Wood, Henry Evelyn, V.C.
    Wood, William Mark, with the Coldstream Guards
    Wyndham, Charles
Young, William Norris, 5th Bt.
    Count equals 258 individuals.

Crimean War
    Keane, Hussey Fane
    Count equals 1 individual.

Seige of Sebastopol
    Acton, William Molesworth Cole
Browne-Clayton, Robert John
    Count equals 2 individuals.

Siege of Sebastopol
    Airey, Richard, 1st and last Baron Airey
    Amherst, William Archer, 3rd Earl Amherst of Arracan
    Armstrong, William Andrew
Bainbrigge, Edward
    Best, Mawdistly Gaussen
    Blakeney, Robert
Boileau, Charles Augustus Penrhyn ( 18 Jun 1855 ), where he was mortally wounded
    Cooke, Anthony Charles
    Dalyell, Osborne William, where he was severely wounded
Handcock, Henry Robert
    Hood, Arthur William Acland, 1st and last Baron Hood of Avalon
Hore-Ruthven, Cavendish ( Oct 1854 )
    Lambart, Frederick Edward Gould, 9th Earl of the County of Cavan ( 1854 )
    Massey, Eyre Challoner Henry, 4th Baron Clarina of Elm Park
    Pennington, Alan Joseph, in the Royal Navy
    Shirley, Horatio
    Slade, Alfred Frederic Adolphus, 3rd Bt.
    Spencer, Augustus Almeric
    Yelverton, William Charles, 4th Viscount Avonmore
    Count equals 19 individuals.

Siege of Sevastopol
    Gipps, Reginald Ramsay
    Ramsay-Fairfax, William George Herbert Taylor, 2nd Bt., he received a medal and clasp and Turkish medal
    Count equals 2 individuals.

Total count equals 341 individuals.

=killed in action or mortally wounded during this battle/war